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Full Version: IC7300BKT Version 1.0.x - ChangeLog
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IC7300BKT is available for download.

Ver. 1.0.2:
.Improved Filter management with Mode change

Ver. 1.0.3:
.Removed bug on NB Width settings and NB Level read after default setting

Ver. 1.0.4:
.Improved audio device management

Ver. 1.0.5:
.Added serial port connection speeds up to 115200 BAUD

Ver. 1.0.6
.Updated Power ON for connections above 19200 BAUD

Ver. 1.0.7
.Added in the setup the option to disable at startup the CI-V transceive function

Ver. 1.0.8
.Correct key loading for the trial version

Ver. 1.0.9
.Improved right-click management on sliders.