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Full Version: Communication problem - COM error
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For communication errors try this:

- Install IC7300BKT latest version from

- check these settings in Icom IC-7300 Set-Mode->Connectors->CI-V:
CI-V Baud Rate = Auto ( in some cases you need to select the speed set in the program ex. 19200 or 9600 )
CI-V Address = 88h
CI-V Transceive = OFF

- Install USB drivers Icom (download from:

- From SerialPort drop-down list select the COM port with the description "SILICON LABS..."

- try to change Serial Port Mode from MODE 1 to MODE 2

[Image: IC7300BKT_SetCom.PNG]

- try to use BKTRS232 driver:
[Image: settingComRS232.png]

- try to switch ON/OFF the RTS and DTR signal

- try to change BAUD speed

- Verify that there are not running other programs that use the same COM port