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Connection Problems - iz2bkt - 10-03-2010

For communication errors try this:

- check these settings in Icom IC-706 Set-Mode:
34 CI-V ADDRESS = IC-706->48h IC-706MKII->4Eh IC-706MKII/G-->58h IC-718-->5Eh
35 CI-V BAUD = Auto ( in some cases you need to select the speed set in the program ex. 19200 or 9600 )
36 CI-V TRN = Off ( on for IC706_BKT version 4.6.2 or older )
37 CI-V 731 = Off

- If use a USB interface check that the USB driver are correct and that the port you selected in the programme corresponds to USB interface. If you can't find the correct USB drivers, try I2WQ's interface:

- try to change Serial Port Mode:
MODE 1: preferable for USB interfaces
MODE 2: preferable for serial interfaces on board or PCI ( also for RigTalk and RigBlaster )
[Image: settingCom.png]

- try to use BKTRS232 driver:
[Image: settingComRS232.png]

- try to switch ON/OFF the RTS and DTR signal

- try to change BAUD speed

- Verify that there are not running other programs that use the same COM port