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Icom IC 706 S-Meter SDR german/engl./ital. - Elektrolurch - 02-08-2022

ich habe eine Vollversion und ein IC 706 und würde gerne den S- Meter und die PTT- Taste im Programm benutzen .
Das Programm gefällt mir gut. I
Desweitern würde ich gerne einen Wasserfall auf meinem Computer darstellen. gibt es hierfür eine Lösung.

Grüsse Michael


I have a full version and an IC 706 and would like to use the S-meter and the PTT button in the program.

I like the program a lot.

Furthermore, I would like to display a waterfall on my computer. Is there a solution for this.

greet Michael


Ho una versione completa e un IC 706 e vorrei utilizzare l'S-Meter e il pulsante PTT nel programma.

Mi piace molto il programma.

Voglio anche visualizzare una cascata sul mio computer. C'è una soluzione per questo.

saluta Michele


RE: Icom IC 706 S-Meter SDR german/engl./ital. - iz2bkt - 02-09-2022

Hi Michael,
unfortunately, the IC-706's CI-V command set is very poor and many functions cannot be achieved via the computer interface.

To find out which functions your IC-706 supports go to these links:

S-Meter is only available for IC706-MKII/G.

To use the PTT command you have to build this small interface -> PTT Interface