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registration not working SOLVED - VK2AAF - 02-22-2023

Hi Mauro

I received the key zip file

unzipped it in the C:\IZ2BKT\IC7000BKT Icom CAT Control folder

ran IC7000.bkt

found 'register program,' pointed it to VK2AAF.ic7000bkt.bkt

program responded that registration would work after program is restarted

restarted program

program knows my callsign but registered functions don't work, asks to register again

repeat repeat repeat

help please


RE: registration not working - iz2bkt - 02-23-2023

you are only registered for the Free version,
please reply to the registration email by attaching the IC7000BKT.INI file located in the C:\IZ2BKT\IC7000BKT Icom CAT Control folder

Thank you

RE: registration not working - VK2AAF - 02-23-2023

Hi Mauro

The FROM address on that email is - will it go to you?


RE: registration not working - iz2bkt - 02-23-2023

I received your email, the IC7000BKT.INI file seems corrupted, close IC7000BKT and delete the IC7000BKT.INI file, restart IC7000BKT, reconfigure the programme and reload the key.

Remember that the Free key expires after 30 days then some functions will be disabled.

RE: registration not working - VK2AAF - 02-23-2023

ok thanks, will try that

Thanks Mauro

RE: registration not working SOLVED - un7_Andy - 10-17-2023

I received the full key. All problems with the trial version have been resolved.
Thanks for the great software.
In another thread I will write about the details that I would like to see in the program. Thank you.