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IC-746Pro - wa1rkt - 02-22-2024

So, do I understand correctly that there is nothing similar to IC706_BKT for the Icom IC-746Pro?

Any plans for that any time soon?

If not, can anyone suggest an alternative program from somewhere else that will program the IC-746Pro?


Londonderry, NH, USA
Catch me on 14.300 MHz Intercon / MMSN most days

RE: IC-746Pro - iz2bkt - 02-23-2024

Hi Rick, I'm sorry, but I don't have a CAT planned for the IC-746Pro. If you'd like, you can try CatBkt, but it has fewer features.

RE: IC-746Pro - wa1rkt - 02-23-2024

Thanks, Mauro. I don't need to control the rig, I just need something that will program memories. Will CatBkt do that?


RE: IC-746Pro - iz2bkt - 02-23-2024

No, sorry