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Full Version: Running IC706_BKT
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Something is missing, I should be a way or a possibility to run the program without a radio connected.

I have my "rig" out in the contryplace, not at home and it's not possible to set up anything in the program, for later transfer into the "rig".
I really miss that, it's possible to do so on my program for my FT-897.

Above that I would like to know how I can "insert" a freq in the middle of the list, if possible?

You can use the program without the RTX connected selecting the driver BKTDUMMY under COM Configuration :

[Image: BktDummy.png]

Remember that the IC-706 can not be fully programmed via CI-V:

Is not possible insert rows of memory, but you can export memories in CSV format, edit with Excel or Open Office and re-import them into the program.