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Full Version: Mode-A/B not working on HF
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Tried to set an HF channel 7.215Mhz on LSB.
So I've got
VFO-A 7.215,000
Mode-A LSB
Filter-A Off
VFO-B 7.215,000
Mode-B LSB
Filter-B Off
Tone OFF
Tone blank

Sync with the radio....but when I select the channel from the radio or through bkt is comes up FM.
If can select LSB from the bkt control panel...just doesn't work from memory chanells.
I'm on version 4.13.1

Mike W9MDB
Hi Mike,
make a backup (from Tab Utilities) and send it to me via email using the email address with which I sent you the registration key.
Hmmmm....when I restarted BKT and resynced with the radio it now takes the LSB setting.
So I don't know if the backup I sent you is hosed or not.
If the config file shows LSB then somehow the program got confused about sending it I guess.
Or phase of the moon :-)
I discovered the problem: do not use dots or commas in the input frequency.

For example, to enter 7.250KHz write 7250000 and not 7.250,000.

All frequencies must be written to the Hz.