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Full Version: BKT Server audio
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I am testing the BKT server and the remote control of the rig works very well over internet, but I don' manage to hear the audio.

I have made the test of disabling audio in BKT server and using Skype to transmit the audio, and it works that way, so I know connections are OK. That is not the problem.

Any idea of what to try next? Something I must take into consideration?

Gabriel - EA6VQ
Hi Gabriel,
The streaming audio without an external server (like skype) is difficult over the internet, you have to use BktServer2 and BktClient2 that support codec optimized for the internet. Importantly, if using a router or firewall, you must open the port 7060 TCP for data transmission and ports 7062 and 7063 UDP and TCP. Attention some routers do not support forwarding UDP ports and then the audio does not work.