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Full Version: Error in CW & SSB Filters
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I have the CW & SSB filters installed in my 706Mk2G, the filter selection is made bad with the filter button,in cw modes the filter selected is W and never switch to the narrow filter.

The OP filter 1 is FL-101 and the Op filter 2 is FL-223

It's possible to solve this issue ??


The 706 does not have direct control on the filters, only option is 1(Wide) or 2(MEDIUM)
Hello again Mauro, I think that the forum database is restored.

Please remember the issue of the 3 filters settings:

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Thanks for the info, but there are some problems:

1.It does not work with the IC-706 and IC-706MKII
2.The filters are used in many parts of the program and change the management it takes a long time
3-You're the only one who has requested this change, this means that it is little used


In the next version there will be buttons can be customized with your own commands, you can use one of these keys to the narrow filter.
Many thanks Mauro !!

73 & DX !
Hi Jose,
install version 4.18.0 of IC706_BKT, click the right button on a custom key and enter the command: 060302 for CW narrow
Just installed... hmm don't work...

EDIT: 060303 make the "trick"

Thanks Mauro