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Full Version: Language problem
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I can provide screenshots, just ask.

When installing IC7000BKT A window pops up, in english, asking for the correct language. make sure English is selected. The rest of the install, setup and configuration proceeds in Italian and the final running screen is in Italian.

Except for the on-screen "Select Language" pop down. It's title is in English (unles "Select Language" is Italian for the same thing) and the vhoice selected is "English."

Any suggestions? My YL's strong suggestion is for me to learn Italian.
73, Mike
Hi Mike,
It is very important that the program is installed to a folder with all write permissions.

Try one of these:
-start the program as Administrator ( and change language
-In the installation folder (default: C:\IZ2BKT\IC706_BKT Icom CAT Control\) open the ic706_bkt.ini file with notepad, search italiano.lng and changes with english.lng