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Full Version: Request for UDP I/O
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Dear Mauro,

Maybe a suggestion for future versions from BKTtime....
When you have running more applications who need NMEA position data then a conflict is there. The problem is that BKTtime claimed the serial port. The serial port is then not accessible by other applications.
Would it be an idea to implement UDP I/O for the NMEA data?
In that case you can choose if you get data from an other running aplication or send it as UDP to other aplications.

With kind regards, Jugo

p.s. fine software!
Hi Jugo,
thank you for the suggestion.
(12-02-2020, 06:42 AM)iz2bkt Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Jugo,
thank you for the suggestion.

I would like to add my support for the proposal.  I am planning to use the BktTimeSync application in my participation in the upcoming ARRL VHF Competition as a rover.

I would like to automatically provide the Grid Square to WSJT-X using its AutoGrid option.  I would recommend using the protocol that the WSJT-X team has adopted:

Thank you for your consideration.

73 de VA3IQ