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Full Version: BktTimeSync uses 1 logical processor on i7 CPU
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I have Bktimesync running on an i7 - 6700K  processor with (4 cores 8 logical processors)

The application works great receiving the NEMA GPS information from a BG7TBL 10MHz GPSDSO,   or I can use a UBlox M7 receiver,  both go directly onto the Main board COM1 serial port. 

The concern I have is that the application always consumes a full logical processor of the i7, which seems to indicate it is not thread based / aware.  With a 9600bps incoming NEMA data rate, it should not consume a full processor.      

Is there perhaps a setting I can use so it don't continuously use 1/8th of the PC's capacity?

try to change "Always connected to GPS" and set "Max Error" to 1 second or more and "Sync every" to 60 minutes or more.

You can also try to play with serial port parameters.