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Full Version: BktTimeSync not starting on Windows startup
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I recently installed BktTimeSync 1.11.3 on a Windows 10 PC. If I manually run the program, the ntp functions work fine. However, BktTimeSync does not start on Windows startup.

Under General Options in BktTimeSync, I selected "Start on Windows startup," "Start on system tray" and "Sync on startup." However, I checked the system tray and it is not starting. If I run the program manually, it does start in the system tray and appears to do a sync.

As an experiment I created a shortcut for the program and placed it here:

c:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\BktTimeSync

However, it still is not starting on Windows startup.

Can you make any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
if you use a battery-powered computer look hereĀ

This is the scheduled operation to check if it does not start automatically.
Thanks for the suggestion. In my case, however, the PC is powered by the mains, not by a battery.

Try manually creating the planned operation by copying the data from the current one
I managed to get it fixed. Apparently the problem was that when a program's shortcut is placed in the Windows startup directory, the program will not be run as administrator. BktTimeSync must be run as administrator.

As a solution, I placed a Visual Basic script in the Windows startup folder, which contained a statement to execute the bkttimesync.exe program. I also ensured that the bkttimesync.exe file's properties were set so that it would always be executed as administrator.

This allowed bkttimesync.exe to run successfully when Windows is started. I did notice that during startup I got a warning asking if I wanted to allow the program to make changes to the computer. This paused everything until I clicked to allow the program to run. To avoid that warning, I relaxed the security settings so that I no longer get that warning for any program. On most computers I would be concerned about allowing this, but this computer is used only for specific radio programs, not for web browsing etc.

Anyway, it's working great now, and I'm very happy to have the time set by BktTimeSync.
To run the program without disabling UAC you can use task schedulers:

1.Open Task Scheduler
2.Create a new task
3.In the "General" tab - ensure the following settings are entered:
  • "Run whether user is logged"
  • "Run with highest privileges"