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Full Version: how to save TONE setting in memory editor?
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I am trying to save the transmit CTCSS TONE selection in a memory. 

I set TONE in Tx Ac T. I press ENTER. Then I click SAVE. TONE disappears. So that doesn't work. 

I set TONE in Tx Ac T. I press ENTER. Then click SAVE and Active. TONE disappears. That doesn't work. 

How do I save TONE 'on' in a memory?

This is not addressed in the Editing Memory Bank area in the HELP file. 

In case it matters, I can use the live control panel to turn TONE on and off. That works.



73 de Brian VK2AAF
Hi Brian,
please watch this video, it is for the IC-7100 but the procedure is also the same for the IC-7000 :