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Full Version: Set up WSJT-X for Auto Grid
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The Auto Grid function in WSJT-X allows you to set a temporary WWL (Worldwide Locator) based on the GPS location detected by BktTimeSync.

To use this feature with BktTimeSync, you must meet the following requirements:

[li]Have Microsoft Net Framework 4.8 or a later version installed (which is already included by default in Windows 11).[/li]
[li]Activate GPS synchronization and wait for the WW Locator grid value to be displayed.[/li]
[li]The WW Locator is sent to WSJT-X only when BktTimeSync synchronizes the time using GPS or by pressing the [Send WW Locator] button.[/li]
[li]Sending the WW Locator may fail if there are other software programs that are also using the connection to WSJT-X. If there is an error, BktTimeSync will automatically retry for one minute.[/li]

The grid sent by BktTimeSync to WSJT-X will not be visible in the WSJT-X configuration but will be used only during transmission. If WSJT-X is restarted, it must be sent again.

To configure WSJT-X in this way:

[Image: WSJTX-1-en.png]

[Image: WSJTX-2-en.png]