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Full Version: Frequency from JTDX to IC-7000
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I don't have frequency control from the JTDX program on the IC7000Bkt.
I don’t know whether such a function is built into the program or not.
I would like to control the transceiver via a chain...
JTDX -> IC7000Bkt->IC-7000.
If there is such a possibility, please advise.
It’s somewhat inconvenient now to set the frequency from IC7000Bkt.
When setting the frequency from JTDX, the transceiver frequency is not controlled, and there is also no transition through frequency ranges.
to use JTDX with IC7000BKT, please refer to this guide:
Hello again Mauro. I have the same connection now. With IC7000BKT and BktNetInterface there is control for the transceiver and JTDX monitors the frequency.
There is no response - I change the range to JTDX, the transceiver frequency does not change.
That's why I asked this question.
The program is great, it's just that this feature would improve the management.
Thanks Mauro. GL & 73!
You need to download and install the plugin BktNetInterface, then configure both BktNetInterface and JTDX as explained in the post, and everything works perfectly: the radio sets the frequency on JTDX, and JTDX sets the frequency on the radio.

It's important to follow all the points from 1 to 9 explained in the post
In this video, starting from minute 6:47, it shows how to configure BktNetInterface and JTDX. The video uses IC7300BKT, but the operation is the same for IC7000BKT.

FT8 - BBLOGGER - JTDX - IC-7300 - YouTube
All stages have been completed on this topic.
I will look for the reason.
Thanks for answers.