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Full Version: How to localize the program
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How to localize the program:
1. Go into install folder ( Ex. C:\IZ2BKT\IC706_BKT Icom CAT Control )
2. Copy the files english.lng to a new file .lng (Ex. spanish.lng)
3. Run BKTLocalize (
4. Select the new file created in step 2
5. In the right column write the translated text or leave blank to not translate
6. Save the file by pressing Save and Close
7. Run IC706_BKT Icom CAT Control
8. In TAB Utility select Configure
9. Click on the Change Language button and select the new language

. Do not change the special characters that begin with % or \
. Translated sentences should not be longer than the original

Send me the translated file if you want to share it with others users.