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Kenwood TRC-80 no control of frequency.
(05-31-2013, 07:11 AM)ZS4L Wrote: Smile Hi All,

I am trying to get my Kenwood TK-80 / TRC-80 to work with the CATBKT software.
I have made an interface using the MAX-232 and 74C04 chips and it is communicating well.
I can change almost anything on the rig from the PC-but NOT the frequency , and I don't see the 'S' meter. The Frequency also displays ' OFFLINE'.

I really want to make this work for an article in our local Ham Magazine, so any help would be appreciated, I think it is in the software--I can send a copy of the TRC-80 command set if that is needed to verify the software.
Sometrimes, If I try the TS-570s software on the TRC -80 , it will read the frequency, but only when synchronising.
There are MANY of these rigs in South Africa, they are very good but hard to control, so the CATBKT software is a great help if working properly.

Many Thanks, de William , ZS4L

Hi, I have the same transceiver, did you get it to work?

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