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  BKtimeSync & Windows 10 64bit - Stopped working - SOLVED
Posted by: Randmental - 09-15-2020, 09:27 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (7)

I have been using BKtimeSynch with a uBLox 7 GPS - USB module for a while without any issues.   I have now found that I cannot open the user interfaces screen anymore and the application runs at a full 12.5 % (1/8) of my i7 CPU processing capacity.

I have de-install and reinstall a few times, trying  compatibility modes etc, without resolving this behaviour:  it seems to run once on startup, sets the PC time from the GPS and then locks-up and consumes 12.5% CPU power continuously.

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  Noise Blanker Ne fonctionne pas totalement - SOLVED
Posted by: 14FRS1525 - 09-13-2020, 02:08 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generale - Problemi - Errori - Replies (5)

je n'ai pas eu le temps de faire le tour complet du soft , tout à l'air de fonctionner normalement sauf La fonction NB WID ne fonctionne pas  et
La communication Bauderate ne dépasse pas les 19200 alors qu'il serait possible de proposer 115200 Baud  sur le port com USB 

ICOM 7300 Vesion 1.30

merci pour  ce software 
14frs1525 Jean Claude

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  Scanning all / specific memory Banks
Posted by: SV1SLB - 08-28-2020, 04:02 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generale - Problemi - Errori - Replies (1)

There is a check point at the scanner tab which says "Only selected". I assume that if that is not checked, then the radio shall start scanning ALL the memory banks. That isn't happening though, so I am asking how can I scan specific memory banks, without entering each and every letter at a time.

Thank you for your time,

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  BktTimeSyncAndroid on Android 10 [SOLVED]
Posted by: OK1FMY - 07-06-2020, 05:50 PM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (6)

This app stopped working when my phone updated to Android 10. It showed my locator and coordinates but was not able to sync the time. I reinstalled and after it the compatibilty test started and the result is - my GPS receiver is not compatible with NMEA any more. Does anybody else have the same problem?

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  IC7000 Add 60 Meters to band and mode
Posted by: wa5vyk - 06-02-2020, 04:51 PM - Forum: Requests / Richieste - Replies (1)

Is there any way to add 60 meters to the band and mode limits page in the Cat Control ?
 Thanks WA5VYK

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  Mydde2 and Orbitron
Posted by: Donsass - 05-25-2020, 10:42 PM - Forum: Requests / Richieste - Replies (2)

Hello... Perhaps you have a solution for the following problem.

Situation... I have had IC7000BKT running and controlling my radio for quite a while using windows 10 x 64. Thanks for your development effort.
I recently installed Orbitron and successfully interfaced it with IC7000BKT using your Mydde2 driver program. The system runs in windows 7 compatabilty mode. It would not work using windows 10 x64. All is fine and works well.

Problem... the Rx frequency is in VOA and the Tx frequency is in VOB. Both frequencies successfully change with the doppler effect. The radio alternates between VOA and VOB as I suspect it should. But the Tx frequency continues to be under the Orbitron/Mydde2 control when pressing the PTT button. So push to talk is not possible. For a work around, it is possible to only have Mydde2 control the Rx frequency but this means the Tx frequency is manually changed as the doppler effect changes the Tx frequency.
Do you have a better suggestion?

Modification.... Perhaps in a future release, Mydde2 could also monitor the PTT condition and stop the Orbitron control of the Tx frequency as long as the PTT button is pressed.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  Max Error computation bug?
Posted by: ve3ktn - 05-21-2020, 11:31 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (2)

Hello everyone,

I'm quite pleased with BktTimeSync 1.11.1 as it has lots of control over the time source selection and the methods for accurately syncing the PC clock.  The ability to shift the PC clock time by very small amounts using the Manual Set control is especially useful when operating FT4 and 8.  There is something I'm not sure about with respect to how the "Max Error" value is treated.  It seems that the code only checks for positive values of (GPS_time) - (PC_time).  E.g. I think the test is:

IF (GPS_time)-(PC_time) > Err_value THEN .....

which is wrong IMO.  The test should be:

IF ABS((GPS_time)-(PC_time)) > Err_value THEN ....

Mauro, I would be grateful if you would confirm or check this.  What I am seeing is that if the PC Clock time is a larger positive value than Max Error, then it reads the GPS receiver time again and continues to read it until the PC_Time - GPS_Time is less than Max Error, but if PC_Time - GPS_Time is a negative value whose magnitude is larger than Max Error, it does not read the GPS receiver again.  Also, why is this function restricted to time coming from a GPS receiver?  Should it not also apply to NTP, or is the reasoning that NTP should be taken for granted as accurate?

Thank you, kind regards, and 73,

Hugo - ve3ktn.

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  Multiple problems
Posted by: N3EG - 04-15-2020, 04:50 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generale - Problemi - Errori - Replies (5)

Under TX T.Ac. I can type Tone and it programs into the radio and works OK.
When I program the radio for tone and read it into the program, nothing shows up. 
Also, I can program a split frequency into the radio, but nothing shows on the program.
When I type ON into the program under Split and do Save And Active, it doesn't work.
When I click on TX Tone, it shows the tone chart.  I select a tone, then it gives a
list of DTCS, TONE, and TSQL.  It then fills the box with "TONE."  I repeat the process,
and then it takes the correct tone.  It's just erratic.

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  Software satellite tracking
Posted by: iv3fgb - 04-10-2020, 08:00 AM - Forum: Requests / Richieste - Replies (1)

Ciao Mauro
sono Giorgio IV3FGB
e' possibile interfacciare il CAT con un programma di tracking satellitare in modo che che il software di tracking passi modo / frq up / freq dwn al IC7100 anche usando il remote server?
Grazie mille
73 de Giorgio IV3FGB

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Posted by: mauroice - 04-09-2020, 10:57 AM - Forum: Yaesu - Replies (4)

Ciao, scrivo per la prima volta su questo blog.
Ho installato bblogger e successivamente CatBKT per il mio YAESU FT 897.
Dopo aver installato i driver del cavetto adattatore sembrava che il sw funzionasse, non dava errori e sincronizzava, ma non c'era nessuna vera comunicazione con RTX e ancora peggio TUTTI I TASTI DELLA RADIO SI SONO BLOCCATI !!
Ho provato a spegnere, riaccendere con il cavetto attaccato e staccato, ma niente da fare la radio è rimasta bloccata ( posso solo modificare la sintonia ) AIUTO.
Cosa mi consigliate fare ? A chi è già successo ? 
Mauro i2OHT

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