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Can not sync memory from IC7000BKT to IC7000
I'm connected to my IC7000 from my PC using the USB RIGTalk from Wester Radio
When I first bring up IC7000, the "Speed Communication Test in Progress" results in a good sync between the SW and the RTX
Any time I hit Synchronize after that, I get an error saying, "Serial port COM26 not working or communication error"
I have to go OFF LINE and then hit the Synchronize in order to have the SW and RTX synchronize
The BIG problem, is that I can't get the memory to synchronize. I load Bank A with what I want to download to my RTX. I hit synchronize pon the memory screen to load the new memory information to the RTX. I choose "Overwrite RTX" option. I click on "Start." At that point nothing happens. I have left it alone for a long time, but still nothing happens
It appears that once I'm synchronized, the connection is lost and I can never synchronize again without going off-line. In any event, I can never update the data bank on the IC7000
The reason I payed for your software and bought the RIGTalk was to be able to download what I want to the memory banks of the IC7000. I'm considering returning the RIGTalk and asking for a refund on the IC7000BKT donation I made. Right now, I'm very disappointed because I can't do the 1 thing that I want to be able to do.
Please advise.
Jule: KF7LOK

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