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How to load the registration key
Method 1:

1. Unzip the registration key file received by email in the program folder (default: C:\IZ2BKT\IC7000BKT Icom CAT Control).
2. Run the program IC7000BKT, the key will be automatically loaded and deleted from the folder.

Method 2:

1. Unzip the registration key file <call.ic7000bkt.bkt> received by email in a folder.
2. Run the program IC7000BKT ( Version 1.2.8 or later, Free Key is not released for old versions )
3. On Utility tab click on [Register the program]
4. On registration dialog click on [I have the key, load it]
5. Select the unzipped file in the folder used in step 1 and press [Open]
6. At the next run the program will load the key into its database and delete it from the folder.

To check if the program is registered look in the title bar:

[Image: FreeVersion.png]

[Image: FullVersion.png]
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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