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RF Gain for RX320D
Hi Mauro

I have been starting to use my old TenTec 320D receiver as a second receiver and I don't need elaborate software to control it so thought I could use CatBkt and as I expected it does most things except it does not have an RF gain slider on it for the RX320D. I have tested N4PY's software as a trial which provides the RF slider (or is it just AF?). I turn the N4PY software off with the the audio left on. When I start CatBkt the audio is at the correct level. Possible to add this to CatBkt? or maybe I just have not found it ! :oops:

Thanks Smile & 73
Lorne ZL2AHB
Hi Lorne,
sorry but CatBkt is built around the hamlib (open source project) that since 2012 has not been updated, so I'm seriously considering abandoning the development of CatBkt.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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