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Access data
Mauro, et al:
I am a registered BKT owner. works nice.
I am doing propagation research and would like to access the rigs S-meter. Other fata would be nice but I will be happy with S-meter.

I know that other DDE based apps can access the data but I can not find a way to
build DDE into my code.

Is there any way to access data like S-meter, SQL level, etc?
My fallback is to software Tee the COM port and examine the CIV myself (yuck).
73, Mike
Hi Mike,
to communicate with the IC7100BKT I have built a DLL interface BktExtension71k.dll.

To read the s-meter using the API call:

//Return the S-Meter value
//-1 if error
extern "C" long __declspec(dllexport) __stdcall ExtGetSignal();
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT
Thanks. Is there any documentation? I would like to fetch some other values also.
Also, Where can I download the DLL? It did not appear to come with the instalation of 7000BKT.
Thanks, 73, Mike, WM1KE
If you are using the IC7000BKT wrong forum, this is for the IC7100BKT.

The DLL is included in the installation of IC7000BKT program as BktExtension7k.dll in c:\windows\system32.

Some examples:




I will move the discussion in the correct forum.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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