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Mydde2 and Orbitron
Hello... Perhaps you have a solution for the following problem.

Situation... I have had IC7000BKT running and controlling my radio for quite a while using windows 10 x 64. Thanks for your development effort.
I recently installed Orbitron and successfully interfaced it with IC7000BKT using your Mydde2 driver program. The system runs in windows 7 compatabilty mode. It would not work using windows 10 x64. All is fine and works well.

Problem... the Rx frequency is in VOA and the Tx frequency is in VOB. Both frequencies successfully change with the doppler effect. The radio alternates between VOA and VOB as I suspect it should. But the Tx frequency continues to be under the Orbitron/Mydde2 control when pressing the PTT button. So push to talk is not possible. For a work around, it is possible to only have Mydde2 control the Rx frequency but this means the Tx frequency is manually changed as the doppler effect changes the Tx frequency.
Do you have a better suggestion?

Modification.... Perhaps in a future release, Mydde2 could also monitor the PTT condition and stop the Orbitron control of the Tx frequency as long as the PTT button is pressed.

Thank you for your consideration.
to transmit on a frequency other than reception is used split and in Icom to set the frequency via PC you must first activate the VFO concerned for this see a continuous passage between VFO-A and VFO-B.
MyDDE2 is still a program that I developed a long time ago and needs updates.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT
Hi Mauro... yes that is how I do it. But the problem is that the VOB does not track the kepler freq changes so it must be done manually.
Also, I am using your MYDDE2 not your older driver.
Again... thanks for the good work.

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