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Improve remote connection client/server
The transceiver Icom IC-7000 has many commands CI-V and on a slow connection may cause delays and false indications.
For a good functioning the network should have a bandwidth of about 150kbps in download and 50kbps for upload.

To improve the communication :

In the program IC7000BKT :

1 - Disable [Polling]
2 - If there are errors in setting, in Utility- >Configuration manually put the value in Latency time ( try with 500 or more )

In BKTServer :

1 - If you use more than one network card, in IP put the IP address of the network card to use.
2 - In Audio Stream Configuration use low values of bits/sample and sample/sec, increasing the Buffers increases the delay of listening to the audio.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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