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BktRemote android
Hi Mauro,

I have a new mobile and a new problem Smile I can't install Plumble on android 14 because it's not compatible. I tried the official version of Plumble 3.2.0 and also the beta 3.3.0rc1, they won't install. No wonder, version 3.3.0 is from 2015

I installed the Mumla client for android.

After running and configuring Mumble 1.2.12 and Murmur 1.2.12 server contained in with IS7000BKT, the sound on the android phone through Mumble works.

After starting BktRemote android 1.6.1 client connects, shows frequency and after seconds calls out on front Mumla client. After switching to BktRemote android 1.6.1 this one is already disconnected.

When setting up BktRemote android 1.6.1 without audio, an Plumble installation request pops up

When setting up to GSM audio, BktRemote android 1.6.1 it works but with very bad audio and with dropouts

Can it BktRemote android 1.6.1 be updated to work with the current supported mumble client on android or at least turn off checking for plumble installed if streaming audio on server via mumble is selected?

Well thank you,

Anton OM1AEG
Hi Anton,
I'm sorry, but this is an old project, and I don't know if it will be updated.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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