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New User Suggestions
I just downloaded 1.2.0 after using the previous version successfully for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the great program.

I would like to make a couple of sugestions to improve the interface:

1. The main response/dialog box would be friendlier if it were smaller, and read from the top to the bottom. As it stands now, the most recent sync report needs scrolling to read after a few synchs. This box could be far smaller, and specifically, it could be 50% narrower.

2. The main panel itself seems large after using Dimension 4 for some time. There's a lot of empty space in the upper main panel; perhaps the layout could be condensed so not as much screen space is used. I realize this is a much more powerful and flexible tool for time synching than Dimension 4, but it would be even better if it had a smaller footprint (I never reduce it to the System Tray).

Anyway, I just voted with my wallet, and I hope you will continue development of this **excellent** and very powerful program.

73 Parker W5ADD
Hi Parker,
thanks for your tips and your donation.
73 de Mauro, IZ2BKT

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