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Need Help debugging performance issue (SOLVED)
iz2bkt Wrote:
mfabac Wrote:Looks good with 1.13.0:

I've set 60 minutes as you suggested, left BktTimeSynclog check box ticked, unchecked "Diagnostic Log" and cleared it.

Thanks again.

Hi Steve,
thank you for the tests.

One thing I forgot to mention: When I installed 1.13.0 and had the diagnostic log check mark checked. Un checking it the next day did not release the lock on LogDiag.txt.  I had to close the running 1.13.0 BktTimeSync to allow me to copy the log file. That is different then the 1.11.3 version. Unchecking the diagnostic log checkbox on 1.11.3 allowed me to copy the log file without having to close the running BktTimeSync program.

Just an FYI


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