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BktTimeSync adjusts the PC's time using an internet reference server (NTP server) or a GPS receiver connected via USB, serial port, or Bluetooth.

Excellent for use with digital modes such as FT8, JT9, JT65, JS8Call, and others.

For the operation of this program, an active internet connection or a GPS receiver is required. Supports the AutoGrid feature of WSJT-X. For configuration, refer to the Help (F1) or user manual.

The program works with all versions of Windows, 32 or 64-bit.

  • Thanks to Remy F6ABJ for testing the TSIP protocol and for the French translation
  • Thanks to Xavi EA3W for the Spanish and Catalan translation
  • Thanks to Lv Meng BD3OOX for the Chinese translation
  • Thanks to Oleg Melnikov R6DOP for the Russian translation
  • Thanks to Toshiyuki Onaka JA4JOE for the Japanese translation

This program is free, if you want to help me in its development, please make a small donation by clicking on the Donate button. Thank you.
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