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  Autogrid setup for udp multicast
Posted by: AB8WD - 05-24-2023, 01:39 PM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (1)

I am running multicast on WSJt  2237 works with all others 

I am being messaged that my grid is not showing up in wsjt 

I tried to set the autogrid in bktimesync and it shows 2.237 and 2240001 and will not let me edit or fix any ideas

also seems timesync is not syncing to wsjt anymore still working on that thanks in advance 
de ab8wd

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  lost clock display (SOLVED)
Posted by: wa4yiz - 05-15-2023, 05:08 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (2)

hi all...been using gps bkt time sync for a while....changed the monitors on my pc..now the "clock" in time sync does not display..any ideas ??  thanks jim wa4yiz

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  errore BKTExtention.dll
Posted by: scandio - 05-03-2023, 08:23 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generali - Problemi - Errori - Replies (3)

ho provato le predisposizioni per l'uso con WSJTx ma ho avuto degli errori;
ho dovuto reinstallare il sw IC706_BKT Cat ma mi da un errore:
"errore nell'apertura del file per la scrittura C:\Windows\System32\BKTExtention.dll"
non compare l'icona PTT
(anche se la comunicazione con l'apparato è ok)

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  Configurare WSJT-X per Auto Grid (Griglia Auto)
Posted by: iz2bkt - 04-10-2023, 09:18 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - No Replies

La funzione Griglia Auto di WSJT-X permette di impostare da BktTimeSync un WWL provvisorio basato sulla posizione rilevata dal GPS.
Per utilizzare questa funzionalità con BktTimeSync bisogna rispettare questi requisiti:

  • Avere installato Microsoft Net Framework 4.8 o successivo (già di default in Windows 11)
  • Abilitare la sincronizzazione con GPS e attendere che il WW Locator venga visualizzato
  • Il WW Locator viene inviato a WSJT-X solo quando BktTimeSync sincronizza l'orario utilizzando il GPS oppure premendo il tasto [Invia WW Locator]
  • L'invio del WW Locator potrebbe fallire se ci sono altri software che utilizzano la connessione con WSJT-X, in caso di errore BktTimeSync riproverà automaticamente per un minuto

La griglia inviata da BktTimeSync a WSJT-X non sarà visibile nella configurazione di WSJT-X ma utilizzata durante la trasmissione, se si riavvia WSJT-X deve essere inviata di nuovo.

Configurare WSJT-X in questo modo:

[Image: WSJTX-1-it.png]

[Image: WSJTX-2-it.png]

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  Set up WSJT-X for Auto Grid
Posted by: iz2bkt - 04-10-2023, 09:17 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - No Replies

The Auto Grid function in WSJT-X allows you to set a temporary WWL (Worldwide Locator) based on the GPS location detected by BktTimeSync.

To use this feature with BktTimeSync, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have Microsoft Net Framework 4.8 or a later version installed (which is already included by default in Windows 11).
  • Activate GPS synchronization and wait for the WW Locator grid value to be displayed.
  • The WW Locator is sent to WSJT-X only when BktTimeSync synchronizes the time using GPS or by pressing the [Send WW Locator] button.
  • Sending the WW Locator may fail if there are other software programs that are also using the connection to WSJT-X. If there is an error, BktTimeSync will automatically retry for one minute.

he grid sent by BktTimeSync to WSJT-X will not be visible in the WSJT-X configuration but will be used during transmission. If WSJT-X is restarted, it must be sent again.

To configure WSJT-X in this way:

[Image: WSJTX-1-en.png]

[Image: WSJTX-2-en.png]

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  BktTimeSync Version 1.12.x
Posted by: iz2bkt - 04-10-2023, 09:16 AM - Forum: BktTimeSync - No Replies

Is available for download: 

BktTimeSync Version 1.12.0:
- Adding support for WSJT-X AutoGrid

BktTimeSync Version 1.12.1
- Added translations in Catalan and Spanish (thanks to Xavi EA3W).
- Uninstalling the program also resets the main display and startup parameters.

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  how to save TONE setting in memory editor?
Posted by: VK2AAF - 03-10-2023, 09:23 AM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generale - Problemi - Errori - Replies (1)

I am trying to save the transmit CTCSS TONE selection in a memory. 

I set TONE in Tx Ac T. I press ENTER. Then I click SAVE. TONE disappears. So that doesn't work. 

I set TONE in Tx Ac T. I press ENTER. Then click SAVE and Active. TONE disappears. That doesn't work. 

How do I save TONE 'on' in a memory?

This is not addressed in the Editing Memory Bank area in the HELP file. 

In case it matters, I can use the live control panel to turn TONE on and off. That works.



73 de Brian VK2AAF

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  registration not working SOLVED
Posted by: VK2AAF - 02-22-2023, 12:43 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generale - Problemi - Errori - Replies (4)

Hi Mauro

I received the key zip file

unzipped it in the C:\IZ2BKT\IC7000BKT Icom CAT Control folder

ran IC7000.bkt

found 'register program,' pointed it to VK2AAF.ic7000bkt.bkt

program responded that registration would work after program is restarted

restarted program

program knows my callsign but registered functions don't work, asks to register again

repeat repeat repeat

help please


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  Can't make settings anu more
Posted by: pc2c - 02-19-2023, 04:18 PM - Forum: BktTimeSync - Replies (1)

I have installed the latest version of BktTimeSync on Windows11. The first time I started up I got a setup screen where I could set some things.
I'll determine when and how to synchronize the time and everything seemed to be working properly.
The second time I launched the program, nothing visually happened, not a single screen popped up. So I can't set or change anything anymore.
There is nothing in the taskbar either. The time is synchronized (every hour) correctly so the program is running. I can see this in the Windows notifications.
Un-installing and re-installing won't help.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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  ic-706 on/off
Posted by: sv8alq - 02-10-2023, 05:16 PM - Forum: General discussion - Problems - Bugs / Generali - Problemi - Errori - Replies (2)

Good evening. I just registered to this program for ic-706. I like some times to work remote from another pc on the same network. The software is connected to ic-706. What i need to do is to connect to remote pc to run the software and put on or off the radio but i cannot see any button in software.
Is anybody here tried to do this? 
thank you.

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